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Why Writing Isn’t Writing

There’s nothing better than having a good friend to lighten the load when it comes to …coming up with ideas. We’ll hope you welcome this first guest entry in the world of Scribillare. Guest writer Darcy has day job though too so if you’re ever in need of a caring and capable home insurance broker she can really help at Murfreesboro Home Insurance.  Now settle in and sit back for a truly enjoyable read:

Who says writing is *actually* writing? You can cite Charles Dickens all day. You can tell me that even e.e. cummings knew that the written word was indeed words written on a page. We could rouse Rand and bug Balzac but even the angriest authors have that one concept in common : writing is a mechanical invention that involves pen to paper, typewriter to paper or in this digital age, keys to screen. There doesn’t seem much space for someone to say that these incarnations of thought are anything but the raw materials of writing.

I’m here to tell you different. I know what writing is because writing is compressed thought. There’s a stark difference here between “stream of consciousness” writing and the concept I’m …writing about…right here. Inside the idea of streaming is just that : ideas. The difference in thought compression and streaming is a basic premise of preparing thoughts in a fashion of expression. Similar to the ideas of art and how the audience is the target of emphatic expression, compressed thought is a technique that aggregates errant ideas into a certain function.

What’s so different in that from writing? You think something up then you put it on the paper or the page or the screen and that’s that. We’re not all novelists but I’m sure there’s a text or two out there that you aren’t ashamed of as well as maybe a diary entry or two that could be remarkably well-written. The issue though is that the physical form of handwriting and typing is a mechanical action and absolutely nothing else. Don’t believe me? You’ve been reading such mechanics up until this point and nary a real idea or thought is actually being expressed. Yet it feels like writing right? It takes the appearance of writing as we know it because it is entrenched in the context of writing but that in no way proves that it is indeed writing.

What’s the true test then of how compressed thought can replace writing as writing in the way we hope to perceive and elevate this concept of expression? The future is going to be asking that question very soon. The technology exists to immediately take thought and project it via a variety of mediums including the screens we now spend most of our reading time upon. Instead of words might a journalist one day be able to compile and comprise an entire news article into a series of alpha brain waves that can be transmitted into the audience brain? That is what I mean by thought compression – more in the lines of quantum mechanics like how behavior changes results than choosing your font.

What in that situation separates those undulating waves of energy from the scribbles of a monk on a mountain or Shakespeare with his quill and candle light? Yet no longer are we talking about words here and without the mechanics of language as expression you begin to see the edges of a certain concept….

…writing isn’t writing. And we don’t know what it’s going to be and maybe that’s all right.

There’s a lot to ponder today, right? Stay tuned for more from your favorite little corner of the world wide web. Next time from Scribillare you might just read something worthwhile. Who knows? Until then, keep scribbling whether it’s writing or just shooting out brain waves. 


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