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Lost But Not Forgotten (in the grocery store)

We’re not always the best at updating, are we? Scribillare lives! Thanks to everyone who kept re-tweeting our messages on Twitter as we let folks know of the extended absence. Are you ready for more? You’ve waited long enough. You’ve probably shopped for groceries while you waited if we’re following the law of averages here. And we do. And you did. And when you were out there in the vastness of harsh overhead lighting and discount snack foods you may have seen the subject of today’s musing: the food item in a spot it shouldn’t be. Enjoy

Frozen pizza in the beer cooler. Ice cream on the shelf with cheese. Meat wrapped but sweating next to the avocados. Where did these items come from? Why are they here? Who picked them up only to discard them just maybe a moment later and replaced them with another?

I first noticed this phenomenon at my local Kroger. The location was in a canned vegetable aisle. Someone had discarded a couple of tomatoes next to their canned cousins. The first thing that i noticed about this situation is that without intervention these tomatoes would surely spoil. Lingering, languishing there until the inevitable occurred. What happened here? What schemes of cooking started in the produce aisle and ended here so unfairly? What kind of person would just abandon food like this?

I was disturbed and bothered by all this questions but I moved on. Unfortunately, a week later it happened again. Ice cream. Ice cream sitting on a shelf without even the benefit of a cool breeze. It was in between coffee and pasta. The flavor was French Vanilla. Was this the same person from before? Did they just get a taste of their horrible food waste and this was the second victim? As before, I was guilty too, too stunned to act I had left that tomato to die and now this ice cream to melt. With a shudder, I finished my shopping.

It happened again a month later. Cheese. Who could do something like this to cheese? I had begun asking friends and family if they had seen examples of this “decision made.” They too had seen the neglected and forgotten items in their own grocery spots.

The cheese was Sargento Extra Sharp Cheddar. It was a block of cheese. It was hiding in the beer cooler, right next to tasty 6 pack of IPA. Someone had decided dairy was out and hops were in.

I picked up the cheese and put it in my basket, whispering quietly :

“Not today. Not today. “

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