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A How-To On Gimbling In The Wabe

” You remember that bag from American Beauty? I wish I was that bag’s dad. ”

Years ago, when we still could be fooled by the Internet, folks used to fire up hosting websites like Geocities and Angelfire and blog their little hearts out. They’d tip-tap the keys all the way from the late 90s into sometime around 2004 which scientists agree was the official death of the personal website.

As Christ gave Lazarus the power to become undead we here at Scribillare will be dedicated to reviving the lost art of the 90s web blog AKA “look at this crazy stuff dude” AKA creepypasta before it was pasta AKA truly engaging content from falsely cogent minds.

Save this, bookmark it, get a brand – this space will soon have something worth your eyeball’s time. ¬†Until next time, here’s a quick cognitive creation to show you just how serious we are:

M Is For Mancy 

A is for aardvark, an industrious fellow
B is for bellows, though you’ve never owned one
C is for cretins, they always love bologna
D is for dancing, which she wished to show ya
E is for eagles because honestly even as a cynic you have to seriously appreciate how those birds swoop down on prey, seriously.
F is for flaws, although we have none
G is for garbage we put on the curb
H is for hats although get real your head is a little too oddly shaped to wear one fashionably
I is for icing on a birthday cake
J is for jokes which you’d think by now this poem would be one
K is for kale ( high in antioxidants)
L is for laughter which sounds better alone
M is for Mancy and that’s the end of this poem.

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