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Danny & The Dinosaur

Greetings, salutations and hearty hellos to our vast and amazing audience. Although Scribillare is a mere speck in the vast digital ocean we know that you being here is not happenstance but instead a purposeful choice. Today we welcome another new contributor to our growing ranks. Daniel Rule works exclusively now in marketing and although reading that might make you want to scroll on to another piece of creative writing , instead, take a moment and give him a chance. Not all corporate shills started out that way.

Do you know what a vanity publisher is? No, I’m really asking you if you know. For years I’ve used the term loosely to insult people who pay large sums to book publishers who will bind and push their tome regardless of quality. As an avid reader, I think I assumed that this distaste was stemming from some kind of high concept source of “oh well I read books by real authors who have to earn their publishing. ” Not so! Apparently I was riled up whenever I heard someone paid to have their book printed for a single reason and that reason was tied to a gift I received nearly 25 years previous…and had forgotten all about.

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